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Tips On How to Write an Article for Publication

In current times, content marketing is becoming an essential aspect of a business. Before the growth of the internet, content marketing was never taken that seriously. However, increased internet penetration to the consumers has brought a change in the marketing tactics used by businesses. Canada is among the countries with high internet penetration and social media users to population ratio. Therefore, the use of online marketing techniques, such as blogging, whitepapers, and sales letters is common here.

In Canada, writing articles about your brand or products is a smart move of promoting your business online. It helps increase the level of your brand’s exposure and helps more potential customers familiarize themselves with your company. Such forms of content marketing also help in improving your brand’s credibility. It offers customers in Canada and abroad a chance to review your products.

There are so many advantages associated with using articles to market your business. However, writing an article is not such an easy task. Companies in Canada usually outsource these functions from professional article writers. These are experts that offer article writing services. They specialize in developing content that is both informative and persuasive to the readers of the articles. The following are the steps professionals follow in writing your article.

Article Writing Format: How to Get It Right

Correct formatting is a crucial tip in article writing. It is also an essential step in the article writing process. Writers who fail to correctly format their article risk missing out on the chance for publication. Among the key aspects to look out for when formatting your article is whether you have followed the right outline. It details the various steps to follow before arriving at the final copy of your article. These steps include:

Coming Up With a Topic

Among the critical steps in this process is developing a topic for your article. A topic should not be confused with the title of your article. Instead, it is the theme that defines the important content to include in your articles. It is advisable to come up with simple topics for their article. Make sure that these topics are guided by the objectives you hope to accomplish in this article.

Understand Your Target Audience Needs

Another of the important writing steps is defining your audience. The objectives you hope to accomplish through the content of your article is what determines your topic. But what shapes these objectives? The simple answer to this question is the needs of your target audience. Our writers are trained to imagine themselves as the audience. It helps them think hard about the issues they would want to be addressed in that article. For example, what unique issue would a working dad in Canada want to be addressed?

Conduct Thorough Research

Content writers will agree that this is one of the most crucial steps in writing your article. It is all about trying to figure out where to get enough and relevant content to include in your article. While it may be challenging, this task has never been troublesome for our writers. They have been equipped with the relevant skills to filter the reliable sources of information. Among the details our writers will be researching include; relevant industry data and credible references that they can crosslink.

Create a Draft Article

Now that you have all the information and sources you require, it is time to start writing. Unlike academic papers, articles require a relaxed approach to avoid blocking your mind. Writing a summary of an article helps you ease yourself into the writing. In this regard, we have trained our writers to imagine they are having a conversation with another person. It is an easy technique to avoid overthinking when writing your article. Moreover, try to keep everything, including your paragraphs short.

Read and Edit Your Draft

Among the final steps of your article writing process is proofreading and editing your work. It is one of the crucial steps that you must not ignore. Seeking professional help from a copywriting company like ours may help improve the outcome of this stage.

Types of Article Writing Style to Use

Similar to any form of writing, there are different styles of creating your article. They are the classifications used in identifying the type of writing you are about to develop. Therefore, with each of these writing styles, there are different motives that the writer is trying to accomplish. The following are some of the styles that our copywriters while use while writing your articles.

Expository Style

It is a subject-oriented where the author attempts to expound on a given concept, thereby sharing valuable information to a broader audience. Professionals adopting this style will make a point of providing you with relevant facts and data. However, you cannot express your opinion when using this style.

Descriptive Style

The objective of this style is to create images on the target audience by describing an event, place, or character in depth. It is all about making the target audience feel like they are experiencing everything you are telling them first hand.

Persuasive Style

It is the standard style used in most content writing. The objective is to make the target audience believe in something or to take a given action. Our writers will always provide justifications and reasons why they should be persuaded to do what they are asking of them.

How do You Develop Article Writing Ideas

Getting the right idea to use in your article is not an easy task. It is not uncommon to meet yourself staring at an empty page with no idea of what to write. However, there is no need to panic. Once you place an order with us, all you need to tell us is your intended audience and the message you want to be delivered. Our writers will do all the other jobs of coming up with amazing ideas of what your article should look like.

How to Choose Article Writing Topics

The topic you choose for your article defines its content. The topic is the theme of your article. Therefore, before choosing your topic, understand your target audience, and think about the needs. While selecting a topic, it also helps to be conversant with the emerging trends around you. For example, we always advise our writers to familiarize themselves with emerging issues in Canada as they would prove to be excellent inspirations for topics to write on.


Benefits of Our Article Writing Services

As we have seen, the steps and processes involved in writing any article can be very involving.  However, you do not have to tire yourself with all these steps when you hire experts to do the work for you. The following are some of the benefits you can enjoy by hiring us to provide you these writing services:

  • Increased business leads in Canada
  • We help increase your brand awareness in Canada
  • Our copywriting expertise helps give a boost to your marketing efforts
  • You get to work with copywriters that are familiar with all the article writing rules.

Hire an Article Writer

While we may have provided tips on how to write your article, it takes skills or time to implement them. It is for these reasons we are here to help. We are an article writing company in Canada that you can rely on. Call us now and get to know why other of our clients in Canada are raving about us.